Welcome to the Year of Our Lord

Get your pickup truck and deer rifle -- We're joining the Thirty Years' War

In April of the year 2000, a six-mile sphere centered on Grantville, West Virginia was displaced in space and time to Germany and May, 1631. The inhabitants of Grantville decided to start the American revolution early; the nobility of Europe were not amused.

This story, by Eric Flint, is the basis for a great deal of lively discussion on Baen's Bar on the Baen Book web site since 1999.

The 1632 universe has spawned sequels including anthologies, co-written books by Eric Flint with other authors, and compilations of short stories by those other authors. Please see Ring of Fire, 1633, 1634: The Galileo Affair, 1634: The Ram Rebellion, 1634: The Baltic War, 1634: The Bavarian Crisis, 1635: The Eastern Front, 1635: The Tangled Web, 1635: The Cannon Law, 1635: The Dreeson Incident, 1635: The Papal Stakes, Ring of Fire II, 1635: Music and Murder, Ring of Fire III, 1636: The Saxon Uprising, 1636: The Devil's Opera, 1636: The Kremlin Games, 1636: The Seas of Fortune, 1636: The Viennese Waltz, 1636: The Barbie Consortium, 1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies, 1636: The Cardinal Virtues and continuing issues of the 1632 universe's magazine The Grantville Gazette both as electronic and print editions.

This site collects in one place, all the technical information, archives, and files of interest to the happy habitants of the Baen's Bar 1632 Group. You are invited to browse this site, get involved in the discussion groups and even read the free e-book versions of the story that started it all - 1632.

In the right column, browse around the site for files and pages of interest to Barflies in general and those who would write in the 1632 Universe. If you want to include an up-timer in your story, you need to get your character from Virginia's Grid.

Eric says you can make up down-timers because there's milyuns and milyuns of 'em. But famous down-timers … he may have plans for.

Potential authors need to check out the Author's Manual files and peruse Rick Boatright's "Dead Horses" article to see if your idea has been flogged to a pile of dog food.

In any case, You are welcome to browse, lurk, participate, smoke, maybe burst into glorious song or even flames. Stranger things have happened here … recently!

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